Things to do when visiting the Northern Cape

1 Visit Paulshoek, the cultural camp near Kamieskroon in the Namakwa region, where visitors can enjoy traditional meals on request and see the matjieshuts (traditional huts) of the Nama people. Experience Nama culture also at Eksteen and Sanddrift in the Namakwa region, with donkey cart rides from Eksteenfontein to the Rooiberg Conservancy Area.

2 Mountain biking is very popular around Leliefontein and Nourivier in the Namakwa region.

3 A two km walk through Kimberley’s Belgravia suburb takes visitors to 33 historical sites. Walks are booked with the Diamantveld Visitor Centre or the McGregor Museum 

4 Fly Fishing near Kimberley is exceptional on the lower Vaal and Riet Rivers. It has become a popular destination for fishing for large mouth and small mouth yellowfish. 

5 Visit the Eye of Kuruman in the Kalahari Region, a natural fountain that produces 20 to 30 million liters (5 to 8 million gallons) of water daily. It is thought to be the largest natural fountain in the Southern Hemisphere. It provides water to the town and adjacent irrigation canals and was referred to at one point as the ‘Fountain of Christianity’ because it was the reason why a mission was established here. 

6 Mine tours are offered across the province. Some drop 840 m (1/2 a mile) into the earth and visitors are guided through the mine wearing miner’s gear – an overall, safety boots, hard hat with headlamp and a ‘sizamoya’ which is an oxygen generating survival pack.

7 Enjoy wine tasting and a cellar tour on the vineyards along the Orange River in the Green Kalahari Region -- the largest wine producing area in South Africa. 

8 Visit the quaint historic village of Matjiesfontein in the Klein Karoo, south of Sutherland.

9 Visit the Semi-precious stone museum in Warrenton 61km (37 miles) north of Kimberley in the Diamond Region. 

10 For foodies, the Northern Cape offers a medley of new taste experiences. Roosterkoek (a bread cooked on an open grill), venison, local deserts such as koeksisters (a deep fried bread dough drenched in sugary syrup) to Nabbas, the seasonal Kalahari Truffles.